Our Local Events Bring People Together

Stay tuned for our upcoming events in Torrington, WY

Scott's Hi-Way Bar loves hosting local events. On August 31, we're hosting an all-day music festival complete with live music, and our very original Spud Noodle Moon Tower Party. Guests will enjoy sumo-noodle wrestling along with a spud throwing contest. Participants will have a chance to win their very own pickup truck!

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We've got your weekday plans covered

Join us for live music and fun entertainment like:

  • Karaoke during football season
  • Men's golf league on Wednesdays
  • Tuesday date night with a special menu
  • Video games located at the bar
Every Tuesday we play 50's, 60's and early 70's music. You don't want to miss this weekly event.

If you're searching for a bar that hosts local events and live music in Torrington, WY, stop by Scott's Hi-Way Bar tonight.